Flash/Shockwave Movies
Check out this collection of Macromedia Flash & Shockwave movies. To view them, you will need to download the respected plugins from Macromedia. Enjoy!

Xiao Xiao Series
Xiao Xiao - Cityplaza Xiao Xiao 1 Xiao Xiao 2 Xiao Xiao 3 Xiao Xiao 4 -- A shooting game Xiao Xiao 5 Xiao Xiao 6 Xiao Xiao 7 -- Mutilator I Xiao Xiao 8 -- Mutilator II Xiao Xiao 9 -- A Game Xiao Xiao Beer Commercial Xiao Xiao Beer Commercial (2)
more Stick Figure Fighting
Born to Shame City Jumper Game Crudely Drawn Cyber Samurai A Cartoon that Doesn't Suck Dragon Ball Style Xiao Xiao 3 (Alternate Ending) Gun Fight Madness Max Payne Rampage -- similar to Xiao Xiao 3 Rockman Fight Hand-to-Hand
Way of the Stick (Game) Xiao Xiao Slayer

Bruce Lee Series
Bruce Lee 1 Bruce Lee 10 Bruce Lee 2 Bruce Lee 3 Bruce Lee 4 Bruce Lee 5 Bruce Lee 6 Bruce Lee 7 Bruce Lee 8 Bruce Lee 9
Bruce Lee - Tower of Death (Flash Game) Bruce Lee 2 - City of Death (Flash Game)

MashiMaro & ChocoMaro Series
MashiMaro Episode 1: Fishing MashiMaro Episode 2: Picnic MashiMaro Episode 3: Moon MashiMaro Episode 4: Melancholy MashiMaro Episode 5: Present MashiMaro Episode 6: Action MashiMaro Episode 7: Showdown ChocoMaro Episode 1 ChocoMaro Episode 2

and More Flash Animations
Yao Ming Pong -- see what really goes on Where's Waldo? I'm a Cow You kicked my dog (some foul language) Spiderman dancing to some interesting music Awesome Honda car commercial Colin Powell addresses the public Can you figure out what's wrong? Horses Sing -- it's beautiful Yao Ming It's Yatta! (contains one lewd image) Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Mario Twins Learn the ABC's (might be offensive) All Your Base All Your Base (modified voices) My HS Statistics Project I Love Egg 1 I Love Egg 2 I Love Egg 3 I Love Egg 4 Kikkoman Pandas flatulating happy birthday Diplomacy with Bin Laden Racecar
Flash Game -- Escape the bouncing balls Shockwave Game -- Awesome version of pong Flash Game -- Mini Putt Flash Game -- Mini Putt 2 Flash Game -- Finger DDR Flash Game -- Spank the Monkey Flash Game -- The Zookeeper Flow (this is weird) A delicious subway beverage Mana Mana Pipi Pandas: Monetary Pipi Pandas: Freezer Pipi Pandas: Elevator
Snake Game Helicopter Game Cosmo Pilot Game Kickups Soccer Game Snowcraft Game Fly Eatin' Game Matrix Fighting Game Smoochie Valentine's Game Girl singing in library Badger Badger Badger Weezer Fight Game Gridlock Strategy Game Tragedy
Tragedy 2 Battle Pong Game GyroBall Game Space Invaders Game Funny movie of kid singing News Weatherman Bug Serenade Baseball Flash Game Bubble Trouble (Flash Game) Magic Balls (Flash Game) Penguin Push (Flash Game) Sling Shot (Shockwave Game) LOL City
A-Blast (Flash Game) Bug on a Wire (Flash Game) Fly Sui (Flash Game) Penguin Baseball (Flash Game) Tontie (Flash Game) Original Tetris (Flash Game) Smashing (Flash Game) Blob Bob (Flash Game) Blox (Flash Game) Cable Capers (Flash Game) Elevator Disco Funky Pong (Flash Game) Panik (Flash Game)
Reaction Effect (Flash Game) Rumble Ball (Flash Game) HapLand (Flash Game) HapLand 2 (Flash Game) Annoying Tune RGB Invisibility (Flash Game) Nucleus (Flash Game) She Blocked Me (Puddle of Mudd parody) Kill the Pacmen (Flash Game) The Doors (Flash Role-Playing Game) Road Blocks (Flash Game) Soap Bubble (Flash Game)
Poom! (Flash Game) Balance (Flash Game) High Wheels (Flash Game) The 8 Queens of Death (Flash Game) Ping-Pong 3D (Flash Game) Kill the Mosquitos (Flash Game) Drivers Education (Shockwave Game) Maze Builder (Flash Games) Old Lady vs. Rich Asshole Godly Ping Pong Match Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down Mortal Kombat (banned) commercial

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